My Blog is Being Critiqued Today

Okay, so you’ve probably figured out that this is not a new post. It’s been an extremely busy week, and I have been unable to find time to sit down and write. That should change this evening.

In the mean time, I am very excited to tell you that today my blog is being critiqued by three incredible bloggers over on Mel from, and the creator of “The Do-It-Yourself Blog Critique,” Kat, the fabulous writer from, and Fran—an expert in blog navigation—from

The feedback is amazing, and I can’t wait to sit down and make some changes to my site. I’d love it if you’d read their feedback, and then maybe give me some feedback of your own. This is the day to do it! Be as open and honest as you like—I am ready!

Thank you!


6 thoughts on “My Blog is Being Critiqued Today

  1. Erin, I think you’re very brave, and very blessed, both! I hope that the critiques end up being helpful for you. (They seemed very helpful to me: the SEO thing about Istanbul Life was a revelation for me!)

    Hope you get lots and lots of visits today, and regular readers as well!

  2. I actually popped by from SITS. I don’t have any tips for you; the ladies at SITS did a great job.

    But I did want to compliment you on asking for a critique. So many women choke when given feedback, feeling like they are being attacked. To ask for it is very brave and shows that you are interested in growth. Good for you.

    Now, I’m going to go peak around a bit. Enjoy the spotlight!

  3. Very cool, lady! I commented on the SITS post but I might as well say “congratulations on the feature” over here too 🙂 I don’t think you’ll find better advice!

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